Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine is a stone known to be a powerful mental healer increasing one’s vitality while encouraging a positive outlook. Blue Aventurine assists with self-discipline along with developing inner strength.


Kimberly is actively seeking ways to have our daily lives be as fulfilling as possible. She has a CT massage license and is trained in a myriad of energy based techniques, holding several certifications featuring an array of modalities. This personalized blending of healing work creates a unique approach to shifting energy fields bringing about better health and wellness for humans, animals, and nature. She continues to audit and attend classes, workshops, and lectures for networking as well as increasing shared knowledge and relationships.

No two energy sessions from Kimberly are the same. She excels in figuring out what is best for you, making connections and bringing forward with love and light. Change comes through with her particular brand of energy work by means of crafted tools (wands), nature influences (crystals), and perhaps a channeled message (mediumship) or two!

Everything we do and have done and will be doing in our lives matters. The present moment is where we are now. Improving is only going to lead to success for ourselves and those who we love most. All actions are important.


Over the years, many things have come into focus, a clearer understanding of life and what we can do with our time here on earth. More techniques with positive results are coming to light for all of us to bask in. A different attitude towards holistic approaches and ancient beliefs are relevant in our present age. Rekindled communications between the plant and mineral kingdoms offer opportunities to gain insight. Developing relationships with the unseen world are bridging gaps in our everyday existence.

Kimberly offers many ways to strengthen yourself, your outlook, and give you tools in order to reach your highest potential. In person meetings or remote energy sessions are available as well as home visits.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, energy is “Usually a positive spiritual force".

Blue Aventurine’s definition of an Energy Worker is someone who manipulates unseen frequencies with sound waves, good vibrations, and positive intentions helping to reshape your life. Under the umbrella of Energy Work (but not limited too) Blue Aventurine can offer you:

Stones have been used over time caring with them the lore of worlds and other times. Crystals and minerals hold special properties which can filter through our auras, working their way to our bodies, affecting our moods and mind. Blue Aventurine typically always uses some form of minerals in everything but is always happy to bring in more when requested. A wand or two will most likely be in hand since they are wrapped with crystals!

Preformed as a welcoming gift for you and your new home. Change up the feelings in the woodwork to help with a sale of a house. Office spaces or businesses can benefit from a clearing too removing stagnancy! It’s best to conduct this form of energy work in person but a clearing can happen remotely as well.

The element of fire is a key component in many rituals, burning up things in our lives, releasing something, even altering a circumstance which no longer serves you. Flames are very powerful and can be used to shift and transmute energy. Then with a spark, flicker, the fire draws in, giving more power to your desire. Held at your home, where a fire can burn safely, host a ceremony for one or more guests. Blue Aventurine crafts Fire Starters to help ignite your kindling if you were looking for an extra boost.

Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist

Bring relaxation to your body through therapeutic touch giving yourself an opportunity to reset and renew for the day into next week! A soothing body massage gives you the chance to unwind and fully let go of stress. Crystals and other metaphysical items can be used during your time making the experience more holistic if requested. Aromatherapy and Hot Stone are two optional massage add-ons offered.

Kimberly can be found at Silvana DaySpa & Salon. Visit their website for more information and to book a session with her.

Universal Energy can be very helpful for many matters regarding our physical bodies and surrounding aura. Reiki allows opportunities for healing on all energetic levels. Kimberly is eager to teach Usui based Reiki by request.

A Reiki Grid made up of gifts from nature can be set up in your name or a loved one’s (with their permission) creating a long distance Reiki session. You do not need to be physically present for Reiki to make a positive impact in your life.

“Everything has something special to share including which we cannot see with the naked eye. The plants, rocks, space, elements, and animals do influence how we act and feel, so turning to them to assist us with healing will ultimately alter our well being for a better life and world.”

Shamanism allows us to enter different non physical worlds to shift energy. A shaman’s tools are what is found in nature; the oldest wisest teacher who is a constant example of growth, determination, beauty, release, patience, preservation, not to mention inspiration. 

Shaman techniques can eliminate those aspects no longer needed or wanted, bringing in more completion for our soul’s journey this time around. The most common request is finding a power animal giving knowledge of a friend who is by our side in spirit. A Shaman Journey can be taken if a question or personal subject needs an answer. Kimberly can do this on your behalf remotely or in person.

Geared towards every age and understanding of topics, Kimberly’s style is casual which lends to everyone coming away knowing more then when everyone gathered. Many workshops can be turned into a presentation to be featured at your next event. All workshops can travel as well, consider hosting one in the comfort of your own home!

  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystals and Gems
  • Divination
  • Firestarters
  • Wand Making









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Blue Aventurine’s wands are crafted with attention and respect from the very start of their life. Tools of practitioner’s should always begin in a positive manner.

Each wand comes with a write-up featuring the minerals and crystals used to enhance power. Sometimes the origin story is complimented with what documentary was playing in the background.

Choose from a wide selection of pre-made wands but keep in mind customization can be ordered too.

Have your day shared with minerals and crystals encircling your wrist. Stretch strings have give making it easy to take them on and off. Memory wire encircles to wrap around the wrist holding the shape. Some bracelets can be paired with wands which were made of similar beads. Customization is always an option too!

A great way to flame up your kindling by adding a little extra magic to the element. Specific herbal mixes are used in correlation with your overall goal. Small and larger sized cups are available.

Chose from four different blends:

  • Clear & Reset (beginning again)
  • Joy & Love (celebrating)
  • Meditation & Peace (calming to reflect)
  • Awake & Aware (more clarity)

Send an email if you want to book a session or have a question.