Kimberly is actively seeking ways to have our daily lives be as fulfilling as possible. She holds several certifications featuring an array of modalities and is trained in a myriad of energy based techniques.  This personalized blend of healing work creates a unique approach to shifting energy fields bringing about better health and wellness for humans, animals, and nature. She continues to audit and attend classes, workshops, and lectures for networking as well as increasing shared knowledge and relationships.

Everything we do and have done and will be doing in our lives matters. The present moment is where we are now. Improving is only going to lead to success for ourselves and those who we love most. All actions are important.

No two energy sessions from Kimberly are the same. She excels in figuring out what is best for you in person and can communicate the channeled messages with her brand of remote energy work.

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Several certificates grouped together.

Certificates & Licenses

Massage Therapist, License 10613, 2019

Integrated Energy Therapy┬« (IET), Intermediate level, 2016

Healing Angels of the Energy Field, 2009

Medicinal Grade Aromatherapy, Level One, Wisdom of the Earth, 2008

Reiki Mastership, Usui Linage, 2008

Half of a large shell with a mixture of herbs inside burning. Smudge smoke.


Continually since 2009

Student of Kerry Henwood, Levels 1 & 2

Student of Nan Moss and David Corbin, Way of the Shaman, Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature, Death Dying and Beyond

Student of Nan Moss, Weather Shamanism

Group of people. Actually a picture of my trip to Universal Studio. I used because I needed some type of picture representing volunteering and thought this would look good.


Kimberly has donated her time and skills over the years for various organizations, sitting on boards, chairing events, and speaking at support groups. She is instrumental opening up dialog about the unseen world, sharing Reiki and other energy methods increases the general knowledge of all the possibilities we have. 

Hospice of Bristol Hospital since 2013

Bristol Hospital since 2011