Services from Blue Aventurine

In Person or Remote Possibilities 

Over the years, many things have come into focus, a clearer understanding of life and what we can do with our time here on earth. More techniques with positive results are coming to light. A different attitude towards holistic approaches and ancient beliefs are relevant in our present age. Rekindled communications between the plant and mineral kingdoms offer opportunities to gain insight. Developing relationships with the unseen world are bridging gaps in our everyday existence.

Kimberly offers many ways to strengthen yourself, your outlook, and give your tools, in order to reach your highest potential. In person meetings or remote energy sessions are available, as well as home visits.

Wands are an amazing tool for any one to wield. Blue Aventurine has a few friends up for sale in the Etsy Store. Never underestimate the power we have when a wand is in hand! 

If you are new to Etsy, let Blue Aventurine be the one to send you a referral to the shop. Make mention of your interest in an Email though the Contacts  Page and soon afterwards a reply with your invitation to Etsy through Blue Aventurine will arrive.


A candy tin filled with Frankincense resin.



Vintage soft cheese clay container, deep brown glazed in color. The wire fastener shows meeting the wooden step the container is sitting on. Many clear quartz points are inside, on the brink of overflowing.


Universal Energy can be very helpful with many matters regarding our physical bodies. Reiki allows opportunities for healing on many levels. The technique Kim uses has only been strengthen from volunteering at Bristol Hospital and their Hospice program. 

Reiki Levels are taught by request fitting into your schedule. All attunements are available.

A Reiki Grid (patterns and crystals) can be set up in your name or a loved ones, creating a long distance Reiki session to occur. You do not need to be physically present for Reiki to make a positive impact in your life. 

Kimberly's hand is holding a multi feathered wand made by a friend for the purpose of shaman work.


“Everything has something special to share, including which we cannot see with the naked eye. The plants, rocks, space, elements, and animals do influence how we act and feel, so turning to them to assist us with healing will ultimately alter our well being for a better life and world.”

Shamanism allows us to enter different non physical worlds to shift energy. A shaman’s tools are what is found in nature, the oldest wisest teacher who is a constant example of growth, determination, beauty, release, patience, preservation,  not to mention inspiration. 

Shaman Techniques can eliminate those aspects no longer needed or wanted, bringing in a more completion for our soul’s journey this time around.

Many, many small sized tumbled and rough rocks, stones, gems, crystals are pictured from above.

Energy Work

House Clearings can be held as a welcome for your new home or change up the feeling or to help with a sale. Office spaces or businesses can benefit from a clearing too!

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) will incorporate energy of loving Arch Angels by unblocking cellular memories the body tends to store.

Aromatherapy is used with honor and respect mending our relationship between our senses and nature. 

Wand Sessions are typically done in conjunction with any energy work booking.  Wands are a big part of what Kim conducts with her brand of metaphysical work. You can specifically express the incorporation of wand use and she will gladly wave magic all around!

A Blue Aventurine wand imbued with buttons, held in place by an arborvitae evergreen shrub.


Kimberly creates workshops lending a casual  way of showcasing a topic. Many of the workshops can be turned into a presentation to be featured at your next event. All workshops can travel as well, consider hosting in the comfort of your own home.

Workshops are geared towards every level of knowledge and skill, including  hands on plus time to practice.


Crystals and Gems


Wand Making (visit Blue Aventurine’s Etsy Shop for wands)



Fire Ceremony

The element of fire can be utilized to transmute many things in our lives. Be an active part of releasing something, altering a circumstance which no longer serves you. Flames are very powerful and can be used to shift and transmute energy. Then with a flicker fire  draws in, giving power to your desire. Held at your home, where a fire can burn safely, host a ceremony for one or more guests.

You can build magic on your own by using a metaphysical fire starter sold at Blue Aventurine’s Etsy Shop.


A form of relaxation entering every cell of your body through touch. As a licensed massage therapist, the physical and energetic combine to deliver healing on a whole other level. Give your muscles an opportunity to give up stress. A massage does a body good!